High-performance, 0.35mm-0.5mm pitch net zero package footprint engineering test sockets for BGA style packaged devices Ironwood Electronics Grypper series test socket is the next best thing to not having a socket at all. The Grypper G40 as the superior test socket solution for low-to-high-ball-count BGA packages. Sized to match the package, the G40 Grypper test […]

High Performance Near Zero Footprint Sockets for 0.40 + pitch devices. New Y contact is less aggressive to device solder ball allowing multiple insertions of the same deviceLower insertion – positive retention with spring bias Lid. Technical Documents Grypper Y Specification Sheet Grypper Y RF Test Report Grypper Attach & Removal Grypper Insert & Removal […]

High-performance, 0.65 mm+ pitch net zero package footprint engineering test sockets for BGA style packaged devices over 200 ball count and for over 300 the G80 LIF to reduce insertion forces. Technical Documents Grypper G80 Specification Sheet Grypper G80 LIF Grypper G80 0.45 Ball 0.8 Pitch RF Characterization Summary Grypper G80 0.50 Ball 0.8 and […]

High Performance, Industry Standard Zero Footprint Sockets for 0.35 + pitch devices. Technical Documents Zero Footprint SMT Spring Pin Sockets Product Bulletin   Ironwood Electronics Zero footprint (ZFP) sockets is a device size or near device size footprint test socket incorporating industry standard high performance spring pins. Ironwood can design a socket to work with […]

Socket and Test your 19x19mm BGA device using extreme temperature socket Ironwood Electronics recently introduced a new Stamped spring pin socket addressing high performance requirements for testing BGA780 – CBT-BGA-7054. The contactor is a stamped spring pin with 31 gram actuation force per ball and cycle life of 125,000 insertions. The self inductance of the […]

Guide to the design of Lithium Polymer Batteries Contents: Options for product design I. Considerations when using lithium ion/polymer technology II. Application-specific data III. Construction of the battery compartment IV. Handling lithium polymer batteries V. Laws, standards, certifications VI. Storage and transport VII. Summary VIII. Development and design Expertize for Battery System Solutions

Industry’s Smallest Footprint Up to 500,000 insertions Bandwidth up to 50+ GHz 2.5mm per side larger than IC Ball Count over 5000, Body Size 2 – 100mm < 25 mOhm Contact Resistance -55°C to +180°C 4A to 8A @80°C BGA, LGA, QFN, QFP and SOIC Optional heatsinking to 400W Six different Lid Options Quick Turn […]

High Speed Microwave Applications Contact resistance < 30 mOhms Bandwidth > 94GHz @-1 dB Current 5.4A @ 20C rise Force 25-50 grams per contact Operating temperature -55 to + 160 °C Insertion / Extraction cycles > 1000 Contact lenght (compressed): 0.08mm Compliance: 0.15mm ©2020 Ironwood Electronics. All rights reserved