Connecting trust, the industry leading floating connector !! Nowadays, many electronic devices are becoming smaller and more sophisticated, and floating connectors can help maintain the quality of electronic devices by reducing problems that occur when tightening screws to secure printed circuit boards or when mating multiple connectors. KEL’s floating connectors are collectively called D-Sign Floating, […]

Introducing the industry’s smallest non-magnetic connector with compact size and high heat resistance Industry‘s smallest class / Non-magnetic/ High operating temperature A connector for micro coaxial cables with stable performance even at 105°C which has great potential despite its small size. Features: Space saving : Board occupying area of 44mm2, the industry’s smallest class ! […]

FPC Connectors !! Features: Type: FPC with Lock, Back-flip, Front-flip, Slider, LIF Pitch: 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1.00mm No. of contacts: 4 to 71 Height: 0.6 to 4.1 Termination style: Right angle Dual contacts, Right angle Lower contacts, Right angle Upper / Lower contacts, Straight

FBC Series 2mm pitch Crimp Connector                                                              Stacked mating and side cable type presents disconnection and removes stress from cables * Because this is a product […]

Pogo Pin Connectors Pogo Pins (Spring Loaded Pins) are used in almost every kind of electronic device today. Their high durability, tolerance and versatile application make them a preferred connector for intelligent electronic designs. Standard Connector: INEXPENSIVE, COMPATIBLE, HIGH QUALITY   Single Pogo Pins Single Pogo Pins in great variety and form. Easily customizable.   […]

Burn In Test Solutions The Burn-In test will expose the DUT (device under test) to harsh conditions: 150°C; relative humidity (RH): 85 rh; current rating: 1A continuous for 1000 hrs. In order to withstand conditions like that, C.C.P. modifies the plating material and core material. C.C.P. splits the socket into two parts: The standard part […]