Based on Simula’s experience in the consumer market and innovative technology in the industrial sector, it provides various reliable conjunction system for different functional modules.

This includes connector in electornic systems, cable assembly for for connecting solutions and I/O box for  multi-connection applications.

FAKRA Solution Features:

  • Fulfill the tough requirements of  the automotive industry
  • 14 different mechanical and color codes
  • Plastic housing with locking feature and
  • clicking noise
  • Usable on several coaxial cables (RG174,RG178,RG58…)
  • Available in multiple connector configurations (Vertical, Right Angle, PCB design…)

USCAR Solution Features:

  • Less component placement during assembly
  • Mini B is protected from damage during mating and unmating
  • Vehicle routing flexibility for aggressive packaging environments
  • Mating plugs are easy to distinguish based on coloring