The Specialist for Frequency Control Technology The Jauch Group is one of the leading specialists for quartz crystals, crystal oscillators and battery technology. Established in 1954, we are now one of the leading companies in the frequency control products industry, and most recently also with innovative MEMS timing clocks. We are a recognized expert on […]

Guide to the design of Lithium Polymer Batteries Contents: Options for product design I. Considerations when using lithium ion/polymer technology II. Application-specific data III. Construction of the battery compartment IV. Handling lithium polymer batteries V. Laws, standards, certifications VI. Storage and transport VII. Summary VIII. Development and design Expertize for Battery System Solutions

Jauch Quartz offers a new temperature compensated crystal oscillator (VC)TCXO !! Jauch Quartz GmbH have once again expanded their product portfolio: The JT21S is a temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) that is particularly suitable for use in wireless applications relying on common RF-standards such as Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiFi, SigFox, etc. The strengths of the new […]

Jauch Quartz offers a temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) !! The JT21G has been developed especially for use in navigation systems (GPS, GNSS etc.). Particular strengths of the new Jauch-TCXO are: With its enormous frequency stability of ± 0.5 ppm and its low temperature hysteresis of 0.6 ppm, the JT21G meets the high requirements of […]

Loranger International Corporation designs and manufactures burn-in and test sockets, printed circuit boards and environmental chamber systems for the electronics manufacturing industry. Loranger International Corporation sockets are optimized for today’s small, fine pitch electronic packages including QFN, as well as for older style packages. Loranger International Corporation burn-in and test sockets are used worldwide in […]

Sockets for Humidity and HAST Loranger sockets can be used for 85 C / 85% humidity, and 130 C / 85% humidity (HAST) conditions. Loranger also designs and manufactures printed circuit boards and environmental systems for these conditions. Loranger International Corp. Your Turn Key Solution for Sockets and Boards for Over 30 Years

Sockets for MEMS Loranger test and burn-in sockets are available for MEMS (microelectro- mechanical systems) devices. Sockets are available with non-magnetic materials and fine pitch contacts, and can accommodate QFN, LCC, Gull Wing or other package styles. Loranger International Corp. Your Turn Key Solution for Sockets and Boards for Over 30 Years