At Amphenol LTW (ALTW), we understand the unique interconnect needs of the LED market and its vast application. We know that long life, minimal maintenance, extreme energy efficiency and a  sensitivity to moisture in both indoor and  harsh outdoor environments  are paramount to LED applications.

Amphenol’s connectors and cable assemblies are engineered to work in any environment and to adhere to the strictest international requirements. With IP65 to IP68 waterproof ratings, EMI and UV resistance, UL, CE and/ or TUV approvals – ALTW’s wide array of products can be used but are not limited to the following applications:

– Outdoor displays and billboards

– Architectural lighting

– Audio and video entertainment systems

– Aircraft cabin lighting

– Train, Bus, Ships Cabin Lighting

– Tunnel Lighting

– Street Lighting

– Parking Lighting

– Greenhouse and In-vitro Lighting

– Buildings Interior Lighting

– Refrigeration Lighting

– General Lighting

– Retail and Commercial Lighting

– And many more…

Whether you need signal connectors, power connectors, hybrid connectors, complete cable assemblies, or a highly customized value-added product, Amphenol has the right solution for your LED application”

ALTW’s Intelligent Pre-Cabling System and Solutions (IPCS) is your answer for incorporating LED Lighting in tunnels, streets, freeways, highways, retail and commercial buildings, buses, trains, ships, aircrafts, or anywhere.

No matter the LED retrofit and/or LED Lighting you intend to use, ALTW’s IPCS can solve your need for electrical wiring and cabling infrastructure and help you SAVE 20% to 80% off of your installation time and cost.

ALTW’s IPCS provides peace of mind, quality workmanship and no power drop which is crucial to LED Light Quality.

Finally, ALTW’s IPCS will virtually reduce maintenance and your cost of ownership.