Holin-Tech doesn’t simply supply standard size products but manufacture industrial connector assemblies according to customer’s requirements. We assist in the development of your new product from concept to design, tooling, prototyping, to finished product for your specific applications. Cable specification and environment application can be defined, Cold, heat, weather, UV, chemical, oil, salt resistance .. […]

Ironwood Electronics is proud to offer a new line of standard footprint sockets that support high speed burn-in requirements using stamped spring pins, in machined metal housings rather than molded plastic. Continuously improved over the past 12 years, Ironwood has manufactured more than 50K units of our stamped spring pin sockets. The standardized design of […]

Dive into the world of quartz crystals !! Dive into the world of quartz crystals and learn more about the component that sets the “heartbeat” in a whole range of electronic devices. From the physical characteristics, through to quartz production, up to the selection of the right quartz crystal and the proper design for oscillator […]

DEVELOPED FOR HIGH-PERFORMANCE COMPUTING APPLICATIONS: THE JOH32 The JOH32 integrates seamlessly into our portfolio of HCSL oscillators. Available in two versions the quartz oscillator stands out for its differential output and very low jitter values. The JOH32 is available in two versions: the standard and IP versions. In the course of digitalization, companies are increasingly […]

HM International is the premier manufacturer and supplier in Belgium of frequency control product-combining quality, technical expertise and component availability. Staffed by friendly personnel, marketing is supported by technical design and development engineers. The company is dedicated to the provision of technological solutions to customer needs and recognises that continued success and growth is dependent […]