Future-proof Design Simplification and Optimization

Masach takes a proactive role in the decision process, bringing its vast experience and expertise in the field to find the optimal shield design and configuration for every need. Masach’s Engineering department can either design the shield from scratch or receive an existing design for review. As part of this review process, a more simplified version of the design is considered, while maintaining the same functionality as well as the same shielding level. This process takes into account proven manufacturing techniques and the compatible to cheaper tooling used for large-scale runs. The future proof design optimization is extremely important when considering the costs of re-designing and re-testing prototypes that move into mass production.

Customized Solutions for Every Scale

Masach innovative CNC technology can be used for extremely low runs as well as mid-sized runs (around 5000 units) without the need for capital investment in tools. This new approach changes the pricing model for customized solution, making them affordable for the first time in small and mid scale runs. As part of small runs production, shield blanks are generated on custom built CNC punching machines capable of processing material as thin as 0.1mm. For medium runs, blanks are processed straight from coil on our unique multi-punch CNC center. For large volume production runs, we design and build suitable press tools. The stamping equipment includes 50, 25 and 15 Ton presses, which can handle all quantities.

Supporting Extremely Complex Designs

Our unique manufacturing techniques can support the production of complex designs while maintaining the durability and the stability of the shield on PCB. Since 1994 we have produced countless shields that embodied complex and challenging designs with exceptional success and extremely fast schedules.

Technology & Production Capabilities – High Precision 3D Laser Technology

Masach advanced 3D Laser Cutting Technology offers high precision 3D cutting of formed or bent Standard shields made of thin gage materials, which allows quick and accurate solutions for intricate & complex engineering designs of drawn shields.

Innovative CNC Technology for prototyping and small to medium production runs

> Inline CNC punching technology, modified to allow accurate cutting and forming of thin gauge material. We use the benefits of traditional CNC punching such as fast setups and standard tooling, in the thin gage material spectrum.
> Custom built forming tools optimize the ability to accurately bend thin materials to spec.

Press-Tooling / In-house Tool Manufacturing for high volume production runs

Progressive tooling is designed and assembled in-house and together with automatic press machines enables us to accommodate high volume demands.