1.- Description
High specific energy, long storage times and instant readiness give non rechargeable batteries a unique advantage over other power sources. They can be carried to remote locations and used instantly, even after long storage; they are also readily available and environmentally friendly when disposed. The most popular non rechargeable battery is alkaline. But Lithum based batteries had being used widely in the industry. There are two technologies, LiSOCI2, which can develop 3,6 Volts, and LiMnO2, which develops 3V. Also, there are two mainly mechanical construction system. With a bobin structure, the batteries are more suitable for stationary use. In the other hand, a spirally wounded structure is best suited for high current discharges.Apart from these characteristics, this type of batteries have an extended temperature range and very low self-discharge ratio. But their main characteristic is their high charge density.These features make them suitable for long life applications, or when high power and lightness is needed.
2.- Choose right serie and structure
The chemistry must be selected, depending on the voltage needs. Therefore, ER(3,6V) or CR(3V) series must be chosen. The next step depends on the power needs. Must be kept in mind that high capacity batteries cannot deliver high power, and vice versa. Other important feature that must be taken into account is the temperature range. These batteries have a better temperature working range, but the battery must meet the applications requirements.
3.- Warning
Lithium batteries are manufactured with organic solvents and combustible materials. Handling very special carefully and beware with following limitations:
• These batteries cannot be charged. Any inverse current can provoke fire or even explosion.
• Avoid polarity inverting.
• Avoid shortcircuit.
• Avoid soldering.
• Avoid heating or direct contact with fire
• Stresses above the limits of the batteries or these limits can cause fire or even explosion.
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