EAGAN, MN – September, 2019 – HSIO Technologies and Ironwood Electronics are pleased to announce that exciting Technology Licensing and Operations agreements have been executed between the two Companies to support the Semiconductor Test Socket marketplace. In the first phase of what is expected to be a long-term technology partnership, Ironwood Electronics will engineer, manufacture, sell and support all HSIO Test Socket products, adding to the already broad range of products and services offered by Ironwood. Longer term, the companies intend to collaborate on next generation high performance products to serve the growing need for signal integrity and interconnect density. James Rathburn, HSIO President states, “As HSIO launches a next generation high speed Circuit Fabrication facility, I can think of no better company than Ironwood to manufacture, sell and support the unique socket products we have provided to the semiconductor test market over the years. I am also very excited to collaborate with Ironwood on new socket and circuit products that will provide the Semiconductor Test customer the best available socket performance with a precision tuned printed circuit capability to match. From Known Good Die to next generation networks and wireless, the partnership is expected to provide technologies and performance not available anywhere else in the industry.”

David Struyk, Ironwood President added, “We are excited to take on HSIO’s advanced line of sockets, including the well-known Grypper sockets, as they merge nicely with our existing line and our future product developments. The technologies and products offered by HSIO are truly synergistic with our own. The fact that we are located in the same city and serve the same customers around the world, made the partnership that much more obvious. This partnership lines up perfectly with Ironwood’s vision to grow and innovate in the test socket market, and is a step in the direction of adding to Ironwood’s offerings by acquisition and innovation. Ironwood will introduce additional offerings in the upcoming months.”

Under the terms of multiple agreements, Ironwood assumes manufacturing operations as the two companies work together to provide a seamless sales channel transition for customers, employees and vendors over the next several months. Thereafter all test socket products will be available directly from Ironwood and complement the existing Ironwood offerings. During the transition period, customers can expect the same level of excellent customer service and support both companies are known for.