WF Series is a IP44-67 Circular connector, threded coupling, it is a very strong connector, designed for indoor / outdoor, cold or hot, extreme conditions. 

The connectors can be used for both cable to cable (in-line) and cable to panel-mount connections. Each side can be male or female contact, (Plug or socket versions), the IP 44 caps are available on panel connector.


  • shell diameter (the panel hole cutout size): from 16mm to 55mm
  • number of contacts: 2pin to 61pin
  • rated current: 5A-200Amps
  • IP rating: IP55-IP67
  • CE, RhOS approval


It is mainly used on all kinds of machines and equipment, measuring and testing equipments, audio systems, welding equipments, farming equipments, tools, outdoor lighting and LED panel screens, communications, for data and power.