We would like to use this opportunity to inform you about two highly sophisticated designs in the area of lithium polymer batteries: Our new curved and ultra-thin batteries, which have been recently added to our extensive standard program of lithium polymer batteries.
The curved batteries are composed of bent cells on a lithium polymer base. Only very few battery manufacturers are capable of producing such cells. The 3.7 volt batteries have a capacity of between 55 mAh and 110 mAh. This energy can be called up by a cell thickness of between 2.7 mm and 4.0 mm. These curved batteries are currently used in mobile phones, smart watches and also in fitness wristbands.
The ultra thin batteries are also very special. At only 0.5 mm thickness, these batteries can be used in extremely thin applications. Their capacity reaches from 10 mAh to 100 mAh. These batteries are used in bank cards, chip cards, in RFID products and generally in very thin applications.