New product release KEL “FW Series” 5.0mm pitch waterproof connector conforming to IP67 standard Dustproof & waterproof performance compliance grade “IP 67″ compliant. The smallest class external dimensions with a 5.0 mm pitch waterproof connector. Mating height 8.9 mm and length 34.5 mm. Ideal for connection wiring in a narrow space.
Based on KEL’s stable connection design concept, the shape of the crimp terminal is the same on the plug side and the receptacle side. High connection reliability is realized by three point contact of independent spring mechanism. The locking structure of the connector ensures reliable fitting with reliable click feeling and prevents unexpected removal.
FW series has been developed with the aim of improving the workability of the assembly process. The crimp contacts have the same shape on the plug side and the receptacle side, the crimp applicators can be used in common. The cable seal and the seal ring have already been mounted on the housing and the harness is assembled by simply inserting the crimped terminal of the terminal. The housing shape can be fixed with a binding band. By using a dummy pin (option product) to close the cable insertion hole, it is possible to configure a new number of contacts without changing connectors. Number of contact: 2, 3, 4. Housing color: White, Red, and Blue. Cable seals color: Black, Light blue, and Pink, depending on the outer cable color. Assemble workability is enhanced by the visibility effect by these color variations.
Branch and relay type products are under development. It is possible to reduce the number of cables by branch and relay type connector. Since FW series branching & relay type is also small and low profile, it can be installed to the duct inner diameter φ 32.6 mm.