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M23 Circular Conn.s IP67 for Power (Threaded coupling)

M23 Circular Conn.s IP67 for Signal (Threaded coupling)

Circular Connectors SF Series (SF6-SF8-SF10-SF12-SF16-SF20) IP67 Shielded Push-pull coupling

Circular Connectors SA Series (SA10-SA12-SA16-SA20-SA28) IP67 Shielded Push-pull coupling

Circular Conn.s ST12 IP67 Shielded Threaded coupling

Circular Connectors SP Series (SP11-SP13-SP17-SP21-SP29) IP68 Plastic Threaded coupling

Circular Connectors SY Series (SY13-SY17-SY21) IP67 Plastic Bayonet coupling

Circular Connectors WA22 Series IP67 Threaded coupling

Circular Connectors WAC3 Series IP65 Bayonet coupling

RJ45F – IP67 Bayonet coupling

Circular Conn.s WP – IP44 & IP55 Bayonet coupling

Circular Conn.s WT Series (3 and 5P)

Circular Connectors WL Series IP67 Threaded coupling

Circular Conn.s WD – IP55 & IP65 Threaded coupling

Circular Conn.s WB Series Threaded coupling

Circular Connectors WS Series Threaded coupling

Circular Conn.s WF Series IP44-IP67 Threaded coupling

Circular Connectors WY Series IP44, IP55, IP66, IP67 Bayonet coupling

Cable Gland – Adapter – Junction Box

Cable Assemblies 

Founded in 1996, WEIPU has been concentrated in the circular connector manufacturing. With hard work and experience, weipu becomes a leading circular connector manufacturer in China. High quality is always our top priority. We have a team of experienced R&D professionals, up-to-date machinery and a fully equipped in-house testing lab, our factory is ISO9001 certified.  Weipu has a very wide product range, from 2A-400A, from 2pin – 61pin, from IP44-IP68. Our comprehensive series can meet of requirements and harsh working environments. We are especially experienced for outdoor and waterproof connectors. With our strong R&D capabilities, we can develop different connectors according to customer’s requirements. Our connectors are widely used on different machines, equipment, communications, lights, trains, ships, etc.. Today you can find Weipu connectors on different products all over the world !!