With the upcoming generation of USB Type C, ALTW announces USB Type C IPx8 connectors, satisfying your needs for the reversible plug orientation.

The USB Type C IPx8 Connectors support the USB 3.1 standard with the top speed of 10 Gbps and 5A max. power supply.

The standard allows for bi-directional power which makes these new plugs and jacks as an one-piece solution for the data and power transmission without the need for a separate power adapter.

Designed with an IP68-sealed format, the connectors are protected against dirt, dust or humidity in harsh commercial and industrial environments.

The product range includes receptacle and 2-end over-molded with cable, ideal for your wide applications of the existing USB 2.0 / 3.0 Type A interface.

Applications :

Data Center, Portable Device, Industrial Automation, Agriculture & Data Acquisition, Automotive Diagnostic, Car Entertainment, Marine Electronic, Outdoor LED Display, etc..