Developed in 1998 and continuously improved over the past 20 years, Ironwood has manufactured more than 50K units of our SG Elastomer socket. SG Elastomer, used as a contactor between the IC package and the circuit board, is a low resistance (<0.02ohms) interposer.

The elastomer consists of a fine pitch matrix of gold plated wires in a soft insulating sheet of silicone rubber. The gold-plated brass filaments protrude several microns from the top and bottom surfaces of the silicone sheet, enabling connection from device ball/lead/pad to the PCB pad. SG Elastomer provides high speed signal transmission up to 56 GHz at -1dB. The self inductance is just 0.06 nH, with a current capacity of 2A per contact. The operating temperature range for the elastomer is -35 °C to 125 °C.

Various wire pitch and density are available allowing applications down to 0.3mm pitch with low force.       SG Elastomer is also available in different thicknesses to accommodate device co-planarity. SG Elastomer sockets are manufactured with smallest available footprint, accommodating decoupling capacitors & components very close to device. A variety of socket lid configurations, such as swivel, snap, clamshell, lever actuation, open top, and heat sink are available for different applications such as characterization, performance validation, device screening, failure analysis etc.

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