Holin-Tech doesn’t simply supply standard size products but manufacture industrial connector assemblies according to customer’s requirements. We assist in the development of your new product from concept to design, tooling, prototyping, to finished product for your specific applications. Custom Wire Harness & Molded-cable Manufacturing for Your Specific Applications We specialize in custom harnesses for the […]

Amphenol LTW supplies various waterproof solutions which could be met a wide variety of applications around the world. Here is the summary about Amphenol LTW product application for different industries and help you to search suitable products. Market: Renewable Energy Industrial Automation LED and Lighting Marine Broadband Wireless Access Smart Grids / Advanced Metering Infrastructure […]

The SP11, SP13, SP17, SP21 and SP29 series are all IP68 waterproof connectors, threaded coupling, panel mounting hole size 11-13-17-21-29mm, designed for water-proof outdoor applications and under water harsh environment. The connectors can be used for both cable to cable (in-line) or cable to panel-mount connectors. Each side can be male or female contact (Plug […]

ALTW Laboratory is the first accredited connector manufacturer by UL Witness Test Data Program (WTDP) in Taiwan. As a UL WTDP certified laboratory, ALTW will be able to perform certification tests including UL1977 and UL2238. Meanwhile, ALTW is approved as the testing laboratory by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) with the general requirements of ISO/IEC 17025. The test results can be mutually recognized to the Asia-Pacific […]

Hi-Reliability Ultra Low Profile Carrier Socket Assemblies ·  Eliminate hand loading individual terminals ·  Prevents Contact Contamination During Soldering · Available in Any Configuration Carrier Socket Assemblies carry low profile terminals through your soldering process to provide a space saving perfectly pependicular, coplanar, and substrateless socket after soldering. After assembly, the carrier is either discarded or send back to factory […]

Amphenol LTW (ALTW) is pleased to introduce our new metallic vent, a perfect electromagnetic shield, for your various applications. ALTW’s metallic vent allows to balance the pressure difference when temperature changes rapidly inside or outside the sealed enclosure. Featured with IP68/69K waterproof rating, moisture can be cut off effectively during operation. Meanwhile, our metallic vent […]

ALTW introduces other innovations product: SWIFT,  first waterproof Stand-Alone IPx7 Micro-USB 2.0; Guided M8, G8; M8 Passive Distribution Boxes; M12 Passive Distribution Boxes; VENTs Waterproof, eMobility (Enable Mobility); etc…   

Solutions for: Aerospace, Automation & Industrial, Automotive, Telecommunications, Consumer, Device, EDP, Equipments, Illumination, Lighting, LED & Display, Marine, Medical, Military, Railway, Solar & Renewable Energy, System, Wireless, etc..  

CEN LINK is a leading company providing interconnect solutions for power and harsh-environment applications. Many  standard items as well as flexibility in design and development of innovative customized solutions allows our customers greatly reduce time to market for their products. CEN LINK offers new series of High Power Connectors with: Large PIN = 15A/pin, Small […]