Amphenol Corp is the world’s leader in interconnects solutions and your ideal choice for marine electronic and electrical equipment.  From motors, engines, transducer, radar, echo-sounder, fish finder, deep sea vessels autopilot, chartplotter, VHF, Satellite Radio and communication devices, multimedia displays, security systems, Sensors, electrical systems, entertainment system, HVAC to LED Lighting…you can always find suitable products and solutions.
Whether you build small boats, yachts, fishing boats, commercial ships, tankers, LNG ships, ferries, cruises… Amphenol LTW Intelligent Pre-Cabling Systems (IPCS) not only can solve your needs for electrical and electronic cabling system but most importantly helps you CUT and SAVE from 30% to 90% of your installation TIME and COST.  Amphenol LTW’s IPCS provides peace of mind so you do no longer need to worry about quality of workmanship which is prone to fire and other hazards jeopardizing the safety and security of the boat.  Most importantly, it enables flexibilities of connection and additions.

 Amphenol LTW’s IPCS helps your boat get lighter, more reliable and thus consume less gas whilst trimming down dramatically the number of cables and wires including other connecting components. IPCS is not wire harnesses.  As such, not only you reduce and save dramatically raw cables and cable size but also on connecting components.  As a result, you can focus on increasing the number of boats out of your shipyards, reduce dramatically the time to market and speeding up the down payment of your customers.  Most importantly, your boats are more competitively priced with the greatest advantages in weight and gas consumption including quality and workmanship of the boats.