• Type C Accessory I : Video Oriented
  • Type C Accessory II : USB Hub/Docking without SD
  • Type C Accessory III : USB Hub/Docking with SD
  • Type C Accessory IV : No Cable Attached

Ready or not, USB-C is the port of the future. There weren’t many devices with the new, tiny, reversible USB-C port this time last year, but that’s quickly changing.  The new USB-C (technically known as USB Type-C) standard enables higher performance and promises convenience for users, as well as simplicity for designers and manufacturers.  Simula delivers a complete portfolio for the USB Type-C and Power Delivery (PD) solutions.

USB Type-C provides:

  • Ease of use
  • More universal functionality
  • Higher power charging
  • Higher data transfer rate
  • Supports USB 3.1, Display port & Thunderbolt

End Applications:

  • Automotive: Audio and Infotainment System
  • Computing & Peripherals: Desktop Computer, Notebook Computer, Multi-Function Printer, Server
  • Power Supply: Smartphone and Tablet Adapter: 5 – 20 W, Power Adapter: < 20 W
  • Consumer: USB Type-C, Game Console, Digital Video Recorder, LCD TV
  • Portable & Wireless: Power Bank, Smartphone, Tablet, Wearable, Wireless Headset
  • Medical: Blood Glucose Meter