Ironwood Electronics’ new Spring Pin sockets (ESS) can be easily customized for specific test height, force, plating finish, materials, etc. The spring pin functions as the interface between the IC package and the circuit board. These contacts support up to 34GHz bandwidth with standard designs, and with customization, impedance can be matched for highest electrical […]

High Performance Near Zero Footprint Sockets for 0.25 + pitch devices for Both BGA and lead and leadless packages. New Configuration using the proven GT elastomeric contact element allowing 43 Ghz Bandwidth (Measured on 0.5 pitch BGA -S21 @-1dB @ 43 GHz) 1000+ insertions on the same device with many lid options. Ironwood Electronics new […]

3 x 3 facts about the JT21LE crystal oscillator with particularly low power consumption The temperature-compensated crystal oscillator JT21LE is characterized by its extremely low power consumption. Thanks to the extremely low voltage supply range of 1.2 V to 1.8 V, coupled with a clipped sine wave output, this oscillator consumes very little current. These energy savings […]

3 x 3 facts about Jauch button cells for extreme temperature requirements from -40°C up to 125°C The “High Temperature” button cells CR2032HT, CR2050HT and CR2450HT are ideally suited for use under extreme temperature requirements, for example for electronic toll collection systems (ETC) or the metering sector. The button cells also meet the high-temperature requirements […]

Ironwood Electronics offers high performance test sockets and adapters for both engineering and production use of semiconductor devices. IC packages covered include QFN, BGA, SOIC, QFP, LGA, WLCSP and other SMT packages. Our GHz line of sockets with 6 different contact technologies supports up to 110 GHz bandwidth, >=0.2mm pitch, <=10000 pins, 500K insertions and […]

GHz elastomer, spring pin and other socket technologies can accommodate different lid options depending upon the application requirement. Typical choices are swivel-lid, clam-shell, double-latch, integral heat-sink, etc.                    Custom lid solutions are also available. Swivel Lid   Heatsink Compression Screw   Clam Shell Lid with Compression Screw […]

Shortest spring pin, 1mm compressed height, provides highest electrical bandwidth 60GHz with lowest inductance of 0.17nH along with 2A continuous current carrying capacity. Quarter turn spring loaded lid allows gradual pressure to CSP with easy chip replacement functionality.

KEL Corporation has developed the 2.1mm pitch crimp connector “FK series” 2.1mm pitch crimp connector “FK series” Left side of photo: 5 poles Right side of photo: 7 poles <Product overview> – 2.1mm pitch crimp connector ideal for applications such as manipulators, robots, and mounters. ※For more information please refer to the <Application> section !! […]