Specialist for Batteries

       Rechargeable Lithium-Batteries

1)     Li-Ion and Lithium Titanate batteries
2)     Li-Po batteries
3)     LiFePo4 batteries
Nickel Batteries
1)     Ni-MH batteries
2)     Ni-Cd batteries
3)    Ni-Cd / Ni-MH batteries
4)     Nicket battery packs

       No rechargeable Lithium Batteries

1)     LiSOCL2 batteries
2)     LiMnO2 batteries
3)     Lithium cells packs
Battery holders
1)     D/R/UM1 size
2)     C/R14/UM2 size
3)     AA/R6/UM3 size
4)     AAA/R3/UM4 size
5)     N/R01/UM5 size
6)     Safety battery holders
7)     Battery holders for lithium button cells
Alkaline Batteries
Cylindrical Lithium batteries
Lithium button cells
Customized Battery Packs

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FULLWAT is one of reference brands that has become one of the strong points for battery market. The FULLWAT brand conveys our ability to offer high quality products with a strong competitive value in terms of price.

The quality-price ratio is one of our maxims in terms of FULLWAT products: they are products that we subject to rigorous internal controls during their selection and in which we give preference to the characteristics of maximum power or maximum performance for each group of products.

FULLWAT transmits reliability, energy, strength …, it is prestigious brand for all and its more than 15 years of experience approved it as a valuable brand in the professional electronics market.