As part of KEL`s Hi-Packel family, the 8800 Series of half-pitch connectors, renowned for unswerving reliability and performance, fully utilizes a straight-beam construction with two lateral contact points. In order to provide full support for a wide range of applications, this diverse series features a multitude of different variations. KEL 8800 half-pitch connectors are the ideal choice for board-to-board, I/O, and everything in between.
Board-to-board variations support connection in three dimensions in the form of stacking, vertical mounting, and horizontal mounting. What`s more, this series also features variations with or without flanges, with power terminals, and with other useful features.


  • Stable contact constantly maintained through the use of a pair of fully-independent contacts. Even higher levels of reliability.
  • Double-surface contacts for smooth, low-effort insertion and withdrawal. Remarkable improvements in contact durability.
  • Plug and Receptacle contacts share common tooling which means increased productivity and greater product diversity
  • Thanks to a self-cleaning coupling process whereby contacts can move relative to each other, films and contamination are removed from contact surfaces, thus protecting against conduction problems.
  • Insulator designed to prevent mis-insertion and protect the contacts from damage
  • RoHS compliance