Loranger International Corporation designs and manufactures burn-in and test sockets, printed circuit boards and environmental chamber systems for the electronics manufacturing industry.

Loranger International Corporation sockets are optimized for today’s small, fine pitch electronic packages including QFN,as well as for older style packages.

Loranger International Corporation burn-in and test sockets are used worldwide in programs including defense, guidance, automotive, music, communication and space exploration.

QFN Sockets, BGA Sockets, Gull Wing Sockets, TO Sockets, Surface Mount Device Sockets, LCC Sockets, Axial and Radial Sockets, LGA Sockets, Microwave Sockets, Connectors, SIP (Single Inline Package) Sockets, Zig Zag Sockets, DIP (Dual Inline Package) Sockets, Optical Transceiver Sockets, Flat Pack Sockets, PGA Sockets, Socket Accessories, Optical Transceiver ClamShell Socket  / SmartSocket  /  Dual-Package ClamShell Socket, HAST BGA ClamShell Socket  / High I/O CSP ClamShell Socket  /  Double-Duty Kelvin ClamShell Socket, Quad FlatPak ClamShell Socket  /  QFN ClamShell Socket w/Bottom Heatsink and so on …