Supporting discrete cables (#36 AWG) and utilizing technology for the assembly of fine wiring as perfected in our current SSL Series (0.5mm pitch connectors for ultra-fine coaxial cables), the 0.5-mm pitch connectors of the DCC Series are assembled to cables in a batch assembly operation. These connectors are extremely compact, with mounting heights of just 1.2 mm (10, 20, and 30 contact) on both the board and cable side. The corresponding height is just 3.8 mm (10, 20, and 30 contact) when coupled. What`s more, with a cross-cable width of just 7.67 mm, the 10-contact variation is the smallest such connector in the industry.
The cable-side connector has been designed to be extremely compact, and measuring only 2.75 mm in the direction of the cable, it is ideal for passing through hinges and other restricted openings. When assembled to the cable, for example, these connectors can be passed through hinge openings of just 3.5 mm (minimum) in diameter. Accordingly, this series provides the perfect solution for connection of the LCD units in folding-type mobile phones, digital cameras, and the like to the main PCB. Even in specifications not requiring passage through hinges and other restricted openings, the compact size of these connectors means that they can contributed greatly to the miniaturization of devices and to a greater degree of freedom in layout work