Ironwood Electronics is pleased to offer various high performance contact technologies such as elastomer and spring pins to match customer specific application requirements. The socket design plays a major role in the successful utilization of the test socket. Consider the following socket lid types:

  • The swivel lid uses the smallest footprint in the industry and helps PCB routing of densely populated IC packages by placing  components closer to IC package.
  • The clam-shell lid with adjustable hard stop design allows for variations in IC package thickness.
  • The heat sink lid accommodates power dissipation of IC packages up to 100 watts.
  • The open-top lid allows die level modification/measurement while chip is in operation.
  • The lever-actuated lid applies a high force with a simple flip of the handle.
  • The snap lid enables automated lid closing using existing fixtures.

Custom design and short lead-time is our specialty !!