New Lateral Movement Connector Launched CCP has designed jet another revolutionary connector type that allows to keep a connection to a moving target: The Ball Point Connector. What is the ball point connector? The CCP ball point connector is a revolutionary new design that allows engineers to keep a connection to a moving target. Inspired […]

New High Frequency Pogo Design The new high frequency pin has a compressible shield that effectivly blocks interferences even during the mating process.The design is also suitable for high voltage applications where a shield is necessary for insulation. It is USB 3 Gen 2 compatible and allows high speed transmission according to the USB specification.

Device size SMT sockets for all types of NAND applications with Superior Electrical Performance Ironwood Electronics, continues to design and manufacture new innovative SMT Grypper sockets. Ironwood has a complete line of NAND, Controller, and Buffer sockets used in Solid State Drives, Cards and Modules. The Zero Foot Print (Grypper) sockets are available for the […]

Device size SMT Spring Pin sockets for all types of components with Superior Electrical Performance Ironwood Electronics, continues to design and manufacture new innovative SMT sockets. The Near Zero Spring Pin allows you to surface mount a socket into nearly the same space as your device. These sockets utilize two technologies; Spring Pins, that are […]

Products, Services & Capabilities Company Overview – Founded 1986 – Over 10,000 catalog products – High Performance Adapters and Sockets – Many Custom Designs & Turn-Key Solutions – Engineering – Electrical and Mechanical – ISO9001:2015 Registration – World wide distribution – Customers – Product Overview Elastomer Sockets Spring Pin Sockets Manual Socket Lids Clamshell/Lever Actuation […]

The Pogo pin connector is a special type, In recent years, the pogo pin connector has been applied on many Electronics devices, both consumer and commercial worldwide companies. Such as N/B, Cell phone, Tablet PC, GPS and TV etc…, and Microsoft Windows system-”Surface”, has applied a POGO Pin connector to connect it’s keyboard.

A board to board connection requires fine-pitch pogo sockets to achieve the required accuracy. Pogo-Pin testing solutions have a significantly increased lifetime with more than 30.000 touchdowns. The excellent connectivity reduces the coplanarity error that occurs with traditional testing pins and results in a improved efficiency of the testing procedures. CCP has developed different kinds […]