The GHK40T Series is the TOF sensor*1.
This ultra-compact laser distance sensor is capable of measuring at distances of up to 2.5 m. With a built-in digital display, configuring settings is simple. Notably, the GHK40T Series is most useful with applications requiring height and target distance control, such as level and position measurements and loop control at a manufacturing site.
Easy-to-See Digital Display
With its ultra-compact size, the GHK40T Series is equipped with a three-digit, easy-to-see digital display.
The display allows users to check the distance showing numerical values.
This digital display also makes teaching adjustments easy.
Easy-to-See Indicators and Stability Output
The indicators used on the GHK40T Series allow for easy visibility from any angle.
In addition, users are able to switch output 1 to Stability Output.
Stability Output turns ON (Central indicator = Green) when measuring is stable and turns OFF (Central indicator = Red) when measurement is not possible.
Class 1 Laser Light Source
The Class 1 laser used in the GHK40T Series opens the door to longdistance measuring at up to 2.5 m without sacrificing eye safety. In addition, the spot is clearly visible, making light axis alignments easy.