Ultra Fine Pitch (0.4mm), Ultra Low Profile (1mm) IDC Connector for Micro Coaxial Cable (#42 AWG) !!

Our USL Series of I.D.C. connectors provides support for 0.4-mm pitch, ultra-fine coaxial cables (#42 AWG) and makes full use of KEL`s technical expertise in batch assembly for the purpose of cable connection.
During the development process, considerable effort was placed on the perfecting of a series of connectors that – particularly in terms of data-transmission – would minimize the degree to which the beneficial characteristics of the coaxial cable were affected. By encasing the board-side connector in a metallic shell, we achieved simultaneous improvements in noise resistance, component strength, and grounding performance.
The connectors of this series have a pitch of 0.4 mm and a low mounting height of 1.0 mm. When compared with our current SSL Series of connectors for 0.5-mm pitch, ultra-fine coaxial cables, the USL Series achieves a major reduction of approximately 50% in terms of coupled volume, thus contributing greatly to weight reduction and device miniaturization. This product features a right-angle type connector on the board side and a straight type on the cable side; furthermore, 30- and 40-contact variations are currently available.


  • Ultra fine pitch 0.4mm
  • Low profile 1mm
  • More than 50% space saving compared to our SSL Series (0.5mm pitch)
  • Three sizes : 20, 30 and 40 pins
  • For micro coaxial cable (#42 AWG)
  • Metal shell on connector provides excellent EMI protection and mechanical strength
  • IDC cable assembly (No solder connection)
  • RoHS compliance