The 88 Series fully utilizes the concept of straight-beam construction with two lateral contact points and offers excellent positioning thanks to a three-sided protective molding; furthermore, as a standard in the field of half-pitch connectors, this series boasts a wide range of variations with proven track records. The 1.27mm pitch connectors of the 8840/8850/8855 Series provide support for anti-EMI interfaces.
As such, they are the ideal choice when aiming to miniaturize devices, carry out highly-dense mounting, or diversify functionality. Please contact your local KEL sales branch should you require any information regarding specifications not included in the current catalog.


  • One-touch mechanism for improved efficiency in assembly operations. (100-contact variation features a screw lock mechanism)
  • Maintains high contact pressure with low insertion and withdrawal.
  • Diecast cover controls EMI.
  • D-shape housing prevents mis-insertion.
  • Advanced design provides ample support for twisting and prevents deformation of contact sections as a result of incorrect handling and other external forces.
  • Number of Pins: 20, 28, 34, 50, 60, 68, 80, 100.
  • 8855 Series (cable plugs) also includes variations for flat cables.
  • RoHS compliance