8602E Series 2 pieces connector (Ejector type). 8602E series is closely related to the 8600 series of 0.635mm pitch, board to board connectors and the 8622E series of 0.635mm pitch, board to cable connectors. Reflecting the same design concept as these series, 8602E series connectors have been developed with compact form and sturdiness as a prime concern. Distinctive characteristic of these connectors is the integration of KEL’s unique Eject Lock mechanism. The ejectors are automatically locked by insertion into connector.

  • 0.635mm pitch Board to Board connector. (One-Touch locking ejector system)
  • Reliable connection with 1.4mm effective contact displacement.
  • Three size : 60, 140 and 160 pins.
  • Designed to prevent mis-insertion.
  • Coplanarity of 0.1mm.
  • Stacked mating height of 8mm.
  • RoHS compliance.