Crimp connectors full of unique ideas

Crimp connectors have long been contributing to the electronics industry as electronic equipment connection.
Recently, customer demands for high performance and easy to use crimp connectors have increased.

KEL is developing unique crimp connectors such as drawer connectors, side cable type connectors, and two-cable-crimp
connectors. KEL also develops half-pitch crimp connectors that can be mated to conventional half-pitch connectors.

Application Examples
Crimp connectors are widely used for connection between electronic devices. Within KEL, they are employed in many applications such as power-generation equipment, ATM, ticket machines, electronic appliances, and office automation equipment.

KEL custom harness

KEL provides the complete wire harness products, which are cable connectors assembled in accordance with the customer’s
requested specifications. KEL also supports the overall design of harnesses with crimp connectors. The management and
procurement of various cables and other necessary components are handled by KEL. Furthermore, KEL ensures the quality of the harness product in their support of customers. KEL provides wire harness products that flexibly respond to customer’s demands, utilizing the merit and expertise of a connector manufacturer and their own extensive experience and achievements in the wire harness business.