The 88 Series fully utilizes the concept of straight-beam construction with two lateral contact points and offers excellent positioning thanks to a three-sided protective molding; furthermore, as a standard in the field of half-pitch connectors, this series boasts  a wide range of variations with proven track records. The 8806 and 8807 connectors represent the multi-contact type connectors of the 8800 Series. Specifically, connectors are available with contact numbers of 120 through 200, and in addition, support connection in three dimensions in the form of stacking, vertical mounting, and horizontal mounting. Varieties either with or without flanges can be put to use in diverse situations. Ribs are provided at a 100-contact interval in order to ensure high strength, and even with a half-pitch format, multi-contact connectors of a 200-contact configuration can be realized.


  • Thanks to straight-beam construction with two lateral contact points, these connectors benefit from low insertion and withdrawal effort and consistently high contact force.
  • Insulator designed to insure smooth mating
  • Design prevents miss-insertion
  • 2 types ; with flanges (without hooks) and without flanges (with hooks)
  • 5 sizes, from 120 to 200 pins
  • Low insertion and withdrawal force, 13.7kg and 6.6kg 200 pin connector respectively
  • RoHS compliance