When the connector is mounted on the printed circuit board, a location error in the two directions of horizontal and vertical (XY direction) may occur at both connectors. In addition, if each printed circuit board is fixed to a case by screws after mating connectors, the connectors may have to compensate for the location error because a gap occurs during screwing the printed circuit board. A connector having a tolerance to compensate for such an error or gap caused by vibration is called a floating connector.

KEL offers 4 types of floating connectors which are DT series (0.5mm pitch), DU series (0.4mm pitch), DW series (0.635mm pitch) and DY series (0.5mm pitch). All connectors have different amount of floating in X and Y directions for finr pitch connectors. DY series has a wide range of variations of DW/DU/DT series is planned to expand similary.