A floating connector that absorbs the misalignment is the solution to misalignment in mating for Board to Board connection. It is the best suited for an application where there is a concern of a large burden applied to a connector, such an in case of a screwed printed circuit board, multiple connectors used next to each other, or PCB assembly.

KEL’s DY/DT Series products (0.5mm pitch) and, DU products (0.4mm pitch) are connectors that offer high performance, allowing +/-0.5mm float in X and Y directions. In other words, they are full-fledged fine pitch floating connectors.

Under the current circumstances where connectors with a larger number of pins in a smaller body are demanded, our floating connectors have been downsized while holding a floating structure and achieved a high pin count up to 240.

The technical achievement is purely built on the high component precision that we have raised to an ultimate level. With the compactness, high pin count, and wide variety combined with the floating structure, KEL’ full-fledged floating connectors will certainly satisfy your demand.