A connector capable of crimping two cables to a single contact! Drawer connector with 5.08mm pitch !!

The greatest feature of this product is that it can crimp two cables to a single terminal (contact). * Terminals for crimping a single cable can also be selected.

Crimping two cables to a single terminal can reduce the number of pins of the connector, leading to size reduction. Furthermore, because it facilitates power transfer between connectors, the part that transfers the power through a board can be converted to a much simpler boardless structure.
In addition, a branch terminal block can be converted to a structure without a terminal block.

The “FTC Series” has inherited the highly established and user-friendly characteristics of the drawer-type crimp connectors, the KEL “FA Series” and “FAS Series”, already in the market, and are equipped with the guide mechanism enabling smooth mating, the guiding function to absorb mating error, and the highly reliable pinching two-point contact structure, etc.
In the future, lock-type, board side straight-type, and relay-type, among others, will be developed. The current product has 12 pins, but other variations of pin count will also be developed.


  • Two cables can be crimped to a single contact.
  • Applicable to crimping cables (AWG#14/16/18/20).
  • Three kinds of terminals are available according to the type and number of cables.
  • Single-cable crimp terminal and two-cable crimp terminal can be attached to any part of the housing.
  • By crimping two cables, power transfer between connectors is easily realized.
  • By crimping two cables, space saving is realized because of the reduced number of poles.
  • Guiding function to absorb mating error of ±3 mm in the X and Y directions.
  • Mobilization of the screwed part of cable-side connector allows the movement of ±0.7 mm at maximum in the X and Y directions after mating.
  • Smooth mating with a sufficient margin of the angle thanks to the guiding mechanism.
  • Highly reliable design with effective mating length of 3 mm.
  • Buckling of the contact is prevented by the pinching two-point contact structure, and the reliability is improved because of the stable contact force.


Insulator material PBT (with glass fiber) UL94V-0, Black
Contact material Copper alloy
Contact plating Nickel-plated base
(Contact part) Gold-plated finish; (Crimp part) Tin-plated finish
Nickel-plated base, Gold-plated finish
Retention clip material Copper alloy
Retention clip plating Gold-plated finish
Washer and rivet material Stainless steel
Current ratings [AWG#14/16] 8.5 A per contact [AWG#18] 7.5 A per contact [AWG#20] 7.0 A per contact
Contact resistance 10mΩ max.
Dielectric withstand voltage 2,200AC for 1 minute
Insulation resistance 1,000MΩ min. at 500V DC
Operating temperature range  -55°C to +105°C


Applicable cables AWG#14/16/18/20 (outer diameter of cable coating φ1.8 ~ 3.4 mm) Discrete cables
Tensile strength of crimped terminal  [AWG#14/16] 190 N or more [AWG#18] 120 N or more [AWG#20] 75 N or more
Insertion and extraction durability