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Product Overview – KEL Corporation

Product Overview  
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Company Overview – CEN LINK

Since its establishment in 1981, CEN LINK has specialized in the design and manufacture of all sorts of electronic connectors which earned the company reputation and recognition from its customers. The company is pro-actively engaged in new product R&D and... read more
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FAS series 1.5mm Pitch Drawer Connector – KEL Corporation

FAS Series is 1.5mm pitch drawer connector, and it offers prevention of buckling of the contact pins, easy adjustment of the mating position, reduction of the stress when mating and highly reliable connection. KEL recently developed this product as a... read more
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Drawer Connector – KEL Corporation

Properly keeping up with the market trend and customer needs, KEL develops connectors with new and unique features. The new crimp-type cable connector is one of those developed while placing a priority on customer needs and featuring unique characteristics.  The... read more
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WA22 Series Connector – Weipu

Plastic connectors WA22 series IP67, panel mounting hole size 22mm, compatible with other company’s similar product, but   with improved technology. Applications: power and signal on industrial devises at outdoor and indoor harsh environment !! Features: IP Rating: IP67 CSA, CE , RoHS... read more

Custom Wire Harness

KEL will have been provide for harness goods that assembled the connector and cable for cable to the customer requirement specification. It supports the overall design of the harness by technicians of harness, various procurement and management of cable is... read more
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8622E Series 0,635mm pitch IDC connector – KEL Corporation

IDC connector for flat cables (#30 AWG). The board to cable connectors of the 8622E series provide for the connection of two overlaid flat cables with 0.635mm pitch. KEL's unique Ejector mechanism has also been integrated into the connectors in... read more
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KEL Products – Search by Application

You can search our products by application. Select the appropriate item from among the list of 18 types of finished products shown on the list.  We are always keen to incorporate customer needs into our new products. If you have... read more

8925E Series – 1.27mm pitch Low Profile Connectors for 0.635mm pitch Flat Cable

FEATURES: ▶ Highly reliable contact design with independent and synchronized spring. ▶Low insertion and withdrawal force. ▶Insulator protects contacts from damage. ▶Mating height is only 11.8mm (0.465’’) (8925R). ▶Ability to make “daisy chain”cable assemblies. ▶Cable connector (Receptacle) is able to... read more

8840/8850/8855 Series Fully EMI shielded I/O Connectors 50mil (1.27)pitch 2 Piece Connector – KEL Corporation

The 88 Series fully utilizes the concept of straight-beam construction with two lateral contact points and offers excellent positioning thanks to a three-sided protective molding; furthermore, as a standard in the field of half-pitch connectors, this series boasts a wide... read more