ALTW Laboratory is the first accredited connector manufacturer by UL Witness Test Data Program (WTDP) in Taiwan. As a UL WTDP certified laboratory, ALTW will be able to perform certification tests including UL1977 and UL2238. Meanwhile, ALTW is approved as the testing laboratory by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) with the general requirements of ISO/IEC 17025. The test results can be mutually recognized to the Asia-Pacific […]

Amphenol LTW ‘s M12 X-code connector is suitable for 1~10 Gigabit Ethernet applications. The connector’s superior signal integrity is achieved by isolating the four signal pairs with a crossshaped shield – X-coding. And with its complete 360 shielding, the connector reaches optimal signal performance categorized to Cat5e and up to Cat6A. Compliant to IEC 61076-2-109, this M12 X-coding ensures industry wide connector compatibility. […]

ALTW has now added to its M12 range the S and T-coding, that is fully intended for your power transmission requirements. This M12 connector system is rated to 12 A and 630 Vac (S-coding) / 60 Vdc (T-coding), it is suitably use as an alternative to any bulky connectors in your power-driven applications. The range […]

Amphenol LTW (ALTW) unveils its field installable M12 screw terminal connectors in straight and right-angled versions. It makes a gastight connection with IP67 rated waterproof when mated. Meanwhile, the screw termination provides optimum protection under strong mechanical and thermal load. It ensures a secure and vibration-proof connection. M12 connectors are a mainstream in the industrial control system, machine-building, broadband wireless access […]

Amphenol LTW (ALTW) is pleased to introduce our new metallic vent, a perfect electromagnetic shield, for your various applications. ALTW’s metallic vent allows to balance the pressure difference when temperature changes rapidly inside or outside the sealed enclosure. Featured with IP68/69K waterproof rating, moisture can be cut off effectively during operation. Meanwhile, our metallic vent […]

ALTW introduces other innovations product: SWIFT,  first waterproof Stand-Alone IPx7 Micro-USB 2.0; Guided M8, G8; M8 Passive Distribution Boxes; M12 Passive Distribution Boxes; VENTs Waterproof, eMobility (Enable Mobility); etc…   

Amphenol LTW (ALTW) understands the unique interconnect needs of the LED market and its vast application. The long life, minimal maintenance, extreme energy efficiency and sensitivity to moisture in both indoor and harsh outdoor environments are paramount to LED applications. With IP65 to IP68 waterproof ratings, EMI and UV resistance, UL, CE and/ or TUV […]

For Ethernet networks that have to comply with protection class IP67/IP68, M12 plug connectors represent an attractive alternative to RJ45 – and are frequently more suitable. The M12 4Pin plug connector with D-coding has already been defined as an Industrial Ethernet standard according to IEC 61076–2–101. M12 connection technology is well established in sensor–actuator and […]