Crystal Oscillators

HMI-Small TCXO for IOT markets-118

Small TCXO that suits wearables, IOT markets

Ultra miniature TCXO for wearables, GPS, IoT and wireless communications. Features: 1.65×1.25×0.6mm, 2.0×1.6×0.7mm, 2.5×2.0×0.8mm available. All models available in standard frequencies 19.2, 26, 38.4 and 52MHz. +-0.5ppm frequency stability. up to -40°C / +85°C temperature stability. Clipped Sine Wave Supply... read more
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Short List 2017 – HM International

HM International is the premier manufacturer and supplier in Belgium of frequency control product-combining quality, technical expertise and component availability. Staffed by friendly personnel, marketing is supported by technical design and development engineers. The company is dedicated to the provision... read more
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MEMS JSO AC Series Automotive MEMS oscillators in industry standard SMD packages

The AEC-Q100 qualified JSO AC MEMS oscillator series for automotive applications provides a wide operating temperature range, high frequency stability, and very high shock and vibration immunity. Due to their robustness and reliability, this MEMS oscillator series is suitable for... read more

JT22S and JT22SV – TCXO and VCTCXO in miniature SMD package

Small-sized SMD TCXO and VCTCXO JT22S and JT22SV is a series of temperature compensated high stability oscillators with a frequency stability as tight as ± 1.0 ppm, and is offered in a frequency range from 9.5 MHz to 52.0 MHz... read more
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New Product Card – Jauch GmbH

PERFECT TIMING FOR EVERY APPLICATION !! Jauch frequency control products are produced and configured according to the highest quality standards. Therefore they provide reliable timing also under extreme conditions and for the most complex applications. As a producer, we know... read more

X21 Tuning Fork Crystal

The future standard in generating a clocking signal !! The X21 is a XY-cut SMD crystal that produces a specific frequency of 32.768 kHz. We notice that this package size of 2.0 x 1.2 x 0.6 is becoming more popular... read more

Quartz Crystals for Wireless applications JXS21-WA, JXS22-WA and JXS32-WA

Jauch announces the dedicated JXSxx-WA Quartz Crystal Series for Wireless Applications. These crystals are available in standard packages 2016, 2520 and 3225 and at 14 special frequencies which are required to generate a pure and stable reference clock for many... read more
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CJ series XO – Ultra low jitter oscillators

The CJ series Crystal Oscillators have a ultra low phase jitter of 50 fsec typical, resulting in much better phase noise and jitter performance than standard oscillators. This makes the CJ series XO excellent for jitter sensitive network applications, High Definition Audio,…  !!  ... read more