New Lateral Movement Connector Launched CCP has designed jet another revolutionary connector type that allows to keep a connection to a moving target: The Ball Point Connector. What is the ball point connector? The CCP ball point connector is a revolutionary new design that allows engineers to keep a connection to a moving target. Inspired […]

New High Frequency Pogo Design The new high frequency pin has a compressible shield that effectivly blocks interferences even during the mating process.The design is also suitable for high voltage applications where a shield is necessary for insulation. It is USB 3 Gen 2 compatible and allows high speed transmission according to the USB specification.

A board to board connection requires fine-pitch pogo sockets to achieve the required accuracy. Pogo-Pin testing solutions have a significantly increased lifetime with more than 30.000 touchdowns. The excellent connectivity reduces the coplanarity error that occurs with traditional testing pins and results in a improved efficiency of the testing procedures. CCP has developed different kinds […]

CCP Contact Probes Co., Ltd. is a leading global manufacturer of Contact Probes, Pogo Pins, Testprobes, Springloaded Connectors, and Crown Spring Connectors. In 1986 we began as a specialized provider of test probes and socket auxiliary solutions and slowly expanded our product portfolio in related industries such as electronic components manufacturing. Among our customers are […]

High frequency condition is mostly happened in tester channel card RF signal and wide-band transacting interface, signal pin can be customized according to required electrical characteristic and testing environment. For IC testing, ultra short pin and C.C.P. exclusive V socket to deal with any different package type of IC. Providing alternatives and optimal solutions to […]