Jauch have developed the JBH24 battery holder which allows a quick and simple battery change. The main feature is that the holder can be used for two different battery sizes! In addition to this, it is available in bulk or in a tape-and-reel version to support the pick and place process for PCB assembly.  Benefits of […]

1.- Description High specific energy, long storage times and instant readiness give non rechargeable batteries a unique advantage over other power sources. They can be carried to remote locations and used instantly, even after long storage; they are also readily available and environmentally friendly when disposed. The most popular non rechargeable battery is alkaline. But […]

We provide battery holders for: D/R20/UM1 Size, C / R14 / UM2 Size, AA / R6 / UM3 Size, AAA / R03 / UM4 Size, N / R01 / UM5 Size, Safety Battery holders, Others battery holders & clips, Battery holders for lithium button cell, etc…  

They are batteries in which the positive electrode is nickel hydroxide and the negative electrode can be cadmium (Ni-Cd) or hydrogen absorbing alloys (Ni-MH). Despite the development of new technologies in recent years, Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries still have their space. Nickel batteries can not compete in energy density with lithium batteries but they stand […]

Rechargeable Lithium batteries: Cylindrical high capacity batteries, Cylindrical high discharge batteries, Lithium Titanate, Soft bag high capacity batteries, Soft bag high capacity batteries with PCM, Cylindrical high capacity batteries, Cylindrical high temperature batteries, Connector – Serie VH y PA, Battery Holders, Customized solutions !!  

Jauch enlarges its competences and business activities in the field of battery technology. This includes the broadening of the standard program of lithium polymer batteries and the expansion of development and production of battery packs in Villingen-Schwenningen. Along with the broadening of the standard program of lithium polymer batteries Jauch offers a wide range of […]

Demand for lithium batteries remains high. This poses new challenges to transport companies, particularly aviation companies and forwarders, as there may be a fire risk from damaged cells or from short-circuits resulting from inadequate packaging. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has responded by issuing new regulations, valid from 01.04.2016. From now on, please bear […]

We would like to use this opportunity to inform you about two highly sophisticated designs in the area of lithium polymer batteries: Our new curved and ultra-thin batteries, which have been recently added to our extensive standard program of lithium polymer batteries. The curved batteries are composed of bent cells on a lithium polymer base. […]