Xilinx XC6SLX16-2CSG324C can be used on an existing Xilinx XCV300-4PQG240I 240 position QFP SMT lands via cost effective leadless adapter. Ironwood Electronics' new Xilinx device converter – DC-BGA-XC6SLX16/QFP-XCV300-01 allows customers to use a low cost Xilinx Spartan-6 family embedded FPGA with optimized logic and High speed serial connectivity in place of Xilinx Virtex XCV300-4PQG240I FPGA. These device […]

Pogo pin connector is a special type, In coming years, pogo pin connector is applied on Electronics device however consumer and commercial of worldwide own brand company. Such as N/B, Cell phone, Tablet PC, GPS and TV etc…, and because Microsoft Windows 8 system-”Surface”, It`s applied a POGO Pin connector to connect it`s keyboard.  

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