Auto Wire Harness, Automobile Wire Harness Vehicles like car, truck, bus and automobiles contain extensive wire harness and wiring system to play an important role in carrying energy, electrical signal and delivering information. There are different types of automotive connectors and terminals depending on the model and year of the vehicles.

USB Cable Assembly, Mini USB Cable, Micro USB Cable USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable is universal standard that is designed several distinct connector type for connection, communication and power supply between computer and peripheral device like camera, keyboard, printer, scanner, portable media player, network adaptor. USB cable is also used as charger for portable devices […]

AC Inlet Socket Wire Harness, IEC Socket Wire Harness AC power socket and switch can be easily found in daily life on household, industry and consumer application. For AC power socket, definition and standard differ from different countries. Jia Yi assembles harness with different shape, size and connector type of power socket and switch suitable […]

Serial ATA Cable, SATA Cable Assembly SATA Cable (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment or Serial ATA) is an interface and primary use to connect storage devices like optical drives, SSDs and hard drives to the motherboard inside the computer. Version 2 of SATA can transfer 3 gigabytes per second. Version 3 can transfer 6 gigabytes per […]

Pin Header, Female Header, Box Header, Wire to Wire Connector As a turnkey, JIA YI also supplies wire to board connectors, wire to wire connectors, pin header, female header, box header, shrouded header PCB connectors, USB and D-SUB I/O connectors for customer. Customer is able to purchase wire harness, cable assembly and counterparts at the […]

Blade Fuse Holder Wire Harness, Inline Fuse Holder Wire Harness Fuse holder operates from 3A to 30A and to be added on cable harness to ensure the stability and safety of application equipment. Category of blade fuse holder, molding type fuse holder, inline fuse holder and panel mount fuse holder can be customized.

Modular Cable Assembly, Telephone Cable Assembly An Ethernet cable is most regular forms in the DATA, computing, telecommunication and networking industry to connect devices to networks. Common type of connector for Ethernet cable is RJ45 8P8C modular plug and jack and cable is Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6 with options of UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pairs), FTP (Foiled […]

DC Power Cable, Stereo Audio Cable, Mini Din Cable JIA-YI provides a complete choice of audio and video cable to carry video and audio signals from a source device like video & DVD recorder, radio, player, camera, speaker, TV set and for computer. Range from stereo plug and socket cable, DC power plug and socket […]

DB Cable Assembly, Computer Cable Assembly D-SUB or D-subminiature is named for characteristic D-shaped metal shield to connect machines with computer for data and power transfer. D-SUB cable contains two rows of pins (male type) and sockets (female type) followed by 9P, 15P, 25P, 37P, 50P and three rows of high density followed by 15P, […]

Overmold Cable Assembly, Molded Cable Assembly Over 20 year qualified assembly experts, Jia Yi assists customer to develop ideal design, shape and dimension of unique module proper to their application to offer complete solution for custom cable assembly with high quality and cost effectiveness in computer, communication, instrumentation, home appliance, automotive, medical, portable device industry.