Pogo Pin Connectors

Pogo Pins (Spring Loaded Pins) are used in almost every kind of electronic device today. Their high durability, tolerance and versatile application make them a preferred connector for intelligent electronic designs.



Single Pogo Pins

Single Pogo Pins in great variety and form. Easily customizable.


Non Standard Connectors:  Over 10,000 DESIGNS

Waterproof Connectors: 350 DESIGNS

Corrosion Resistant and up to IPX8 water resistance.

Ball Point Connectors: 32 DESIGNS

Ball Point Connectors are used to connect moving targets without cables. Up to 25km travel distance!


Magnetic Connectors: 520 DESIGNS

Easy to use and extremely smart. CCP has long-standing experience for magnet connectors


High Current Connectors:  50 DESIGNS

Up to 15 Amps with one Pin! We push the limits of what is possible.

High Frequency Connectors: 66 DESIGNS

CCP is an expert in the design of high-frequency connectors. We ready to offer 5G connectors and USB 3.2 connectors.


Ultra Small Pins: XXXS Connectors

Extremely small connectors for engineering that works with space constraints.



Screw Pins: 15 DESIGNS

CCP’s Screw Pin is an extremely smart way to utilize a pogo pin as a connector as well as a mounting part.


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