MRA Series

0.5mm pitch coaxial multi pin connector for Single-ended RF communication “MRA Series”



KEL Corporation has developed the “MRA Series” 0.5mm pitch coaxial multi pin connector for single-ended RF communications.

Multi pin coaxial connector suitable for RF/high frequency communication and single-ended transmission. We are aiming for a coaxial harness that assumes an impedance of 50Ω.

<Transmission characteristics>

Insertion loss, VSWR

*The above data are actual measurements of all signal line, and good VSWR is achieved up to 6GHz.
*If you require other measurement data such as isolation, please contact us using the form below.

<Product overview>

* Since this series is provided as a harness product, the plug-side connector is not sold separately.
Please contact our sales staff for details on the cables and harness specifications to be used.

– Cable lengths from 100mm to 5,000mm are available.

– Coaxial cable “RUOTA” manufactured by Totoku Electric Co., Ltd. is used for the cable. *

* “RUOTA” is a registered trademark of TOTOKU ELECTRIC CO., LTD. No. 5594596

– The connector has a robust locking structure with a tactile audible “click”. (patent pending)

– We are planning to develop a straight type and a right angle type for the printed circuit board side connector.

– The connector’s operating temperature is -40°C to +105°C.

– Non-magnetic connectors are also available upon request.
We can provide a sample with 12 signal lines and a printed circuit board side straight type.

<Product specifications>

Insulator materials   : LCP

– Contact material  : Copper alloy

contact plating   : Gold over Nickel

metal shell finish   : Gold over Nickel

– Rated current rating : 1.0A per contact

– Contact resistance  : 100 mΩ or less

– Dielectric withstand voltage: AC 200V, 1 minute

– Insulation insulation resistance: DC 250V, 100MΩ or more

– Insertion/Extraction durability: 100 times

– Operating temperature  : -40°C to +105°C

– Applicable cable: AWG#28


・5G/IoT peripheral equipment market ・Medical equipment market

*Please note that the specifications, shape, and series name are subject to change without notice as this is a product under development.