M5 Series Small and Lightweight, Big Impact Connectors

The upcoming M5 Connectors are the smallest and lightest connectors from M series suitable for miniature sensor and other applications with extreme limitation in space.

These screw locking threaded connectors meet the IEC 61076-2-105 standard and are available in preassembly overmolded straight, right angle, and receptacles from 3 to 4 contacts, with upgrade option to UHD (Ultra High Density) upon request. ALTW’s M5 Connectors operates in 1A/60V and equipped with IP67, IP68 and IP69K Ingress Protection to withstand harsh environment situations where a secure and reliable signal transfer is needed most.


– 3 and 4 Contacts, “UHD” (Ultra High Density) upon request

– Metal Thread Locking According To IEC 61076-2-105

– Durability > 100 cycles

– Operating Voltage (AC/DC) 60V

– Salt Spray 48h

– Meets IP67, IP68 and IP69K Ingress Protection

– Available In  Receptacle, Receptacle with wire, Cable & Accessory