The FBC Series is a 2mm-pitch crimp connector. The outstanding features of the FBC Series are its connection style and locking mechanism. The FBC Series uses a stacked connection style where the cable side connector is vertically connected to the PCB side connector from the top. The conventional connection styles of crimp connectors are mainly either those with cables extended upward or the horizontal connection type. The other feature is KEL’s original locking mechanism, which is called the “E-lock.” When the receptacle is inserted into the cable plug, a click can be felt, giving the assurance that the connector is inserted firmly. The lock release is also a unique mechanism where the connector is unlocked by simply pulling up the lock part with fingers, instead of holding and releasing the lock.
For high reliability, the FBC Series applies the concept of the twin-leaf pinching 2-point contact structure, which has a proven track record for the FA Series. There are three types of variations in the number of pins, namely 26, 32, and 40 pins.


  • Side cable-entry type connector with stacked mating structure.
  • Provided with an E-Lock type locking mechanism with high operability.
  • The E-Lock mechanism prevents accidental disengagement, maintaining stable contact performance.
  • With a twin-leaf pinching 2 point contact structure adopted as a contact mechanism, improved reliability based on stable contact performance is ensured.
  • Three sizes : 26, 36 and 40 pins.
  • For discrete cable. (#22 AWG, #24 AWG and #26 AWG)