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Socket Technology Summary – Ironwood

Ironwood-Socket Technologies Nov 2012 118px
Company Overview – Over 5,000 products – High Performance Adapters and Sockets – Many Custom Designs – Engineering – Electrical and Mechanical – ISO9001:2008 Registration   Socket Technology Overview – Embedded gold plated wire elastomer (SG) – Stamped & Etched...

NMEA 2000 Network System

ALTW-NMEA 2000 kit-118px
Amphenol LTW (ALTW) provides a variety of high reliability selection of connectors, cable assemblies and accessories which are specifically designed to meet the NMEA 2000 protocols standard. Hence, our NMEA 2000 network system is not only used for connecting marine...

Presentation: Products Services & Capabilities

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Over 5000 products, High Performance Adapters and Sockets, many Custom Designs & Turn-Key Solutions !!  ...

RJ45 Cat6a Shielded Connector for High-speed Data Connections

ALTW-RJ45 Cat6a Shielded-118px
Amphenol LTW (ALTW) once again offers state-of-the-art connector design. The RJ45 Cat6a shielded connector meets the Ethernet/IP RJ45 standards and is designed to satisfy Cat6a performance. This connector is not only available as a kit but is also IP67 rated...

SSL 1.2 Overmolded with Flat Cables–Applying For Your Various Applications In Moisture Environment

ALTW-SSL 12 Overmolded with Flate Cable_118px
Amphenol LTW (ALTW) introduces its new SSL 1.2 Overmolded with flat cables, which are designed with UL21996 cable for outdoor and humid applications. They ensure a high of waterproof protection in accordance with IP68 standards and positive latching to ensure...

Screw Vent M12 Series – Effectively Protects Your Outdoor Devices In Harsh Environments

ALTW-Screw Vent M12 Series_118px
Amphenol LTW (ALTW) introduces the Screw Vent M12 series of waterproofing screws for industrial applications, providing a solution that reliably guarantees complete enclosure in industrial environments. The Screw Vent M12 series strong and flexible plastic is made to withstand extreme...

M12 X-Code CAT6A Connectors Raising Efficiency of Data Transmission and Reliability

ALTW-M12 X-code Cat 6a-118px
Amphenol LTW’s M12 X-Code connectors and cable assemblies, which meet Cat6A standard and comply with IEC 61076-2-109, are designed to enhance data transmission rate up to 10Gbps. The compact design is composed of 4 shielded pairs and covered by braid...

X-Lok IP68 Field Installation/Serviceable

ALTW X-Lok IP68 Series Field Installble-118px
Amphenol-LTW (ALTW) X-Lok series extends its product portfolio with field installable, satisfying your on-site installation needs. With the push lock mechanism, the X-Lok field installable provides you the best blind mating practice for a quick and easy installation. It achieves...

Cable Joiner IP68 FICX Series

Amphenol LTW introduces cable joiner, FICX series, for installers to make the cable interconnections simple and reliable in field. Designed with screw type terminal block, the FICX series provides a cost-saving wiring system, ensuring error-proof and time reduction. Met IP68...

IP68 Micro USB 2.0 SWIFT

ALTW-Micro USB 2.0 swift-118px
Amphenol LTW (ALTW) introduces IP68 Micro USB 2.0, SWIFT, preventing your portable or wearable devices from the damage of water ingression. Utilizing high-strength stainless steel shell, ALTW’s micro USB 2.0 SWIFT provides the lowest profile for your space-constraint applications. Its...