Network Cable Presentation


SFP 25Gbps: 25G Ethernet DAC Cable

Ultra-thin DAC Cables with wire gauges between 26-32AWG and up to 5m lengths. Compliant with SFF8431 & SFF8432 cable.


QSFP 100Gbps: 100Gbps DAC Network Cable

Ultra-Fast 100Gbps QSFP Cables with up to 5m lengths. Apply on data center and server for signal transmission stability and reduce the interference.


OCuLink 16Gbp: Oculink 16Gbps Cable

Standard 16Gbps Oculink Cables directly from the factory with wire gauge of 30AWG.


Slimline 24Gbps: SAS 4.0 24Gbps

We provide the wire size 32AWG and 28AWG specifically you want. Compliant with SFF8564 high-speed cable also operating SAS 3.0 & 4.0 specifications provides for PCIe applications.