KEL Corporation is developing a floating connector “DT series” with a power supply terminal.

The power supply terminal can flow 6.0A per pole !
Since one connector has a 4-pole power supply terminal, a total current of 24A can be passed.

In order to pass 6A at the 0.4A signal terminal, it was necessary to divide it into 15 poles,
By using the power supply terminal, it is not necessary to divide the flow.

Not only does it eliminate the need for diversion, but the power supply terminal also reduces the mounting area.

  1. Product Overview
    floating amount secures ± 0.5 mm in the XY direction.

– There are 4 power terminals. (6.0A per contact) number of contacts of the signal terminal is    assumed to be 30 to 300 poles.

– The transmission characteristics of the signal terminals satisfy all the requirements of SATA Rev 3.0.

– The connection configuration is a stacked mating.

– We plan to prepare a stack height of 8mm to 20mm.

– The operating temperature corresponds to -40 ℃ to + 105 ℃.

– The amount of attraction is ± 0.9 mm in the XY direction.

– Samples with 60 number of contacts and stack heights of 8 mm or 10 mm can be provided.


  1. Product Specifications
  • Insulator materials: LCP (glass-filled) UL94V-0; Color: Black
  • Contact material: Copper alloy
  • Contact plating: Gold over Nickel
  • Power terminal material: Copper alloy
  • Power terminal finish: Gold over Nickel
  • Retention clip material: Copper alloy
  • Retention clip plating : Tin over Nickel
  • Dustproof / adsorption tape: Polyimide
  • Rated current rating: 0.4A per contact (signal terminal) 6.0A per contact (power terminal)
  • Contact contact resistance: 80mΩ or less
  • Dielectric withstand voltage: AC 200V, 1 minute
  • Insulation insulation resistance: DC 250V, 100MΩ or more
  • Insertion/Extraction durability: 100 times
  • Operating temperatur: -40°C to +105°C
  1. Application

・ Communication

・ 5G equipment market

・ Electric power equipment market

・ Vehicle equipment market

・ Industrial equipment market

・ Electronic application equipment market

・ Amusement equipment market

・ Office equipment market

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