TSL series

0.55mm pitch High-performance coaxial harness “TSL series” cable connection and wire material variations are available.

The “TSL series” is a 0.55 mm pitch coaxial harness specialized for high speed transmission
This time, “15 connections / AWG # 30” has been added to the variations of cable connections.
“15 connections / AWG # 30” will be added to the two types of conventional lineup “31 connections (full) / AWG # 36” and “20 connections / AWG # 32” specialized for differential transmission. So, the “TSL series” contributes to solving the demand for transmission.

Release date: December 13, 2021 (Monday)
Scheduled to start delivery after the end of January 2022

See the list below for more information on cable variations.

TSL series
Cable connection / wire material variation list

* Since this series is provided as a harness product, the plug-side connector is not sold separately.
Please contact our sales staff for details on the cables and harness specifications to be used.


-3 types of wiring are possible.

-Supports high-speed differential transmission up to 32 Gbps. (RUOTA AWG # 32, cable length 1,000 mm)

-Supports transmission methods with few couplings such as single-ended.

Impedance control by adjusting the material, shape, and dimensions of the connector, the amount of attenuation has been improved by taking measures against resonance by gently dropping the ground and the transmission path.

effective mating length length related to contact reliability is set to 0.5 mm, the amount of insertion is reduced, the design of the stub length related to transmission characteristics is optimized, and the amount of attenuation is improved.

noise reduction with a structure that encloses the entire connector with a multiple ground mechanism and a metal shell cover

-Achieves low loss and low skew in combination with the high-performance coaxial cable “RUOTA” of Tokyo Special Electric Wire Co., Ltd. * “RUOTA” is a registered trademark of TOTOKU ELECTRIC CO., LTD. No. 5594596

-Adopts a good lock structure with a audible “click”

-Prepare a pull tape for the connector, and the connector can be unlocked just by pulling the tape, allowing easy and reliable removal.

-The connection method supports horizontal mating and stacked mating.

<Product Specifications>

Insulator materials: LCP (with glass-filled) UL94V-0 material, black

contact material: Copper alloy

contact plating: Gold over Nickel

–Shell material: [TSL00] Copper alloy [TSL21] Stainless

–Shell finish: Gold over Nickel

–Ground bar material: Copper alloy

–Ground bar finish: Tin over Nickel

current rating: per contact (when using AWG # 32 RUOTA)

contact resistance: 100mΩ or less

dielectric withstand voltage: AC200V, 1 minute

insulation resistance: DC250V, 100MΩ or more

operating temperature: -40 ° C to + 85 ° C

–Durability of insertion and removal: 100 times

–Compatible cable: AWG # 30/32/36 coaxial cable


―― 5G / IoT peripherals

–Broadcasting / imaging equipment market (IP transmission equipment, 4K / 8K cameras, video servers)

–Communication equipment market (fixed / mobile communication equipment, spectrum analyzer, server)

–Medical device market (imaging diagnostic equipment, medical cameras)

–In-vehicle device market (in-vehicle camera, ADAS)