Tianjin Geneuo Technology Co., Ltd. (GSEE Technology) lauch GP100 series – IP67 protection grade high quality switching power supply

In the field of industrial automation, a high-quality power supply is the foundation to support the operation of all equipment. Stable power supply can ensure the normal operation of key equipment. Aiming at high-end intelligent manufacturing industry, Geneuo technology has launched GSEE-Tech IP67 protection grade GP100 series high-quality switching power supply.

IP67 high protection level can be directly installed on equipment and production line. Compared with IP20, the original electric cabinet, fan, terminal and long cable wiring are saved, and the voltage drop on the line is reduced. 100 ~ 240VAC wide range of working voltage input and – 25 ~ 60 °C wide working temperature can be applied to a variety of harsh conditions and harsh environment. The input and output ports are all in the form of standard connectors, which is convenient and quick to connect field equipment. LED status indicator can display the working status and alarm status of power supply.

Features of GP100 series products:

■ wide voltage input range of 100-240Vac, suitable for the site with unstable supply voltage
■ conversion efficiency up to 92%
■ active PFC function, high power factor
■ output voltage: 24VDC, output current: 3.8a, 8A
■ output short circuit protection and over-current protection functions
■ IP67 protection class can be installed on site and distributed, and can be directly used in severe environment
■ 7 / 8-inch connectors for input and output ports
■ die cast aluminum shell has high vibration and impact resistance

Main application industries: automobile manufacturing, metallurgy, machine tools, filling and high-end machinery and equipment, etc.